Frank Buckland's Visit to the 21st Century


Summer, 2001. Spencer Walton has recruited Andrew Argo to pilot him up the Grand Union Canal on the narrowboat ‘Rosalie’. They are joined by the peculiar but personable Frank Buckland, an odd fellow who seems to know a lot about an enormous number of things. On the way, they muse on topics as diverse as Natural History, Wildlife, Landscape, Identity, Exotic Animals, Genetic Engineering and Particle Physics.

“The throwing together of three men in a boat on a journey with the thinnest of plans and the haziest of goals is a useful premise, but inadequate to describe a narrative of manifest destiny. This expedition was happening for reasons that would only become clear as the journey unfolded, and this particular story could not be told unless the three main characters were Spencer Walton the failed journalist, Andrew Argo the master mariner, and Frank Buckland the Victorian ‘time-travelling’ naturalist.”