Erin GreenGloves and the Spirits of the Glen


An unwelcome visitor appears in Green Glen in the shape of a charming trickster called Elswick Toope. He claims that he can rid the glen of the restless spirits that run wild and free, keeping everyone awake all night, every night. Toope is, however, the kind of person who is friends with everybody but loves only himself. Erin Greengloves is the only one who can see right through him, and immediately suspects that he’s up to no good.

But, who exactly is Elswick Toope anyway, and who or what is the peculiar travelling companion he calls Clock-a-Clay? That’s not the only mystery, either. There is also the appearance of a pair of wicked bogles to consider and the meaning of the little corn dolly to ponder. All this is before we encounter the enigma of Lily-in-the-Loch.